The RHZ Amateur Radio Network is a participatory experiment aiming to create the possibility of a legal, publicly owned and operated broadcast radio that is built like a peer to peer network.

Based on the FCC allowance for individuals to operate a 100 milliwatt micro-radio station, RHZ uses the internet to share content between micro-stations so they can broadcast the same content at the same time. Anyone can have their own radio station, starting with a hobby kit as low as $30!

RHZ is designed to follow the parameters of FCC regulation, abide by copyright law, and use only free open source software to distribute information, while simultaneously allowing the broadcast network to grow to the size of the social network that creates it





Want to submit programming?


RHZ is now accepting programs for the upcoming summer re-launch. If you have always wanted a radio show, or already make one that you would like to contribute. Contact Jeff here.






RHZ Broadcast Launch

Friday September 10, 2004
AM 1680 in Chinatown

LAWEEKLY : Considerable People

Jeff Cain : Radio Active

Check out the article on RHZ Radio and a funny picture!

RHZ Radio: Last Dance

RHZ Radio at LAFreewaves

Saturday Nov 27, 7-11

at the New Chinatown Barber Shop

930 North Hill Street, Los Angeles

RHZ Concludes its REBEL REBEL Programming and first test run Nov.27 2004

The archive will broadcast until the listen to the archive on the stream

RHZ is now accepting submissions for the next test run....

RHZ 2.0 will debut at the Center for Integrated Media at Calarts on April 28

Featuring a syncronized peer to peer audio stream, a re-blog, a new community forum, and full schematics for antennas and grounding, RHZ 2.0 will be a easier and more technologically sound.

RHZ will resume regularly scheduled programming in the Summer of 2005

with transmitters in Echo Park, Silverlake, Chinatown, and Mt. Washington.


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